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7 Proven Tips for Feeding Scorpions with Mealworms: A Comprehensive Guide


Scorpions are fascinating creatures known for their carnivorous nature, and when it comes to feeding these arachnids, mealworms stand out as an excellent choice. Scorpion enthusiasts and breeders often rely on mealworms to nourish their scorpion colonies. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of feeding scorpions with mealworms, highlighting the critical considerations and techniques required to ensure the well-being and growth of your scorpions. So, let’s embark on this journey to discover why mealworms are the ideal food source for scorpions.

1.The Right Choice: Selecting Mealworms for Scorpions

The Right Choice: Selecting Mealworms for Scorpions

Feeding scorpions effectively begins with selecting the right mealworms. It’s important to note that scorpions have varying sizes and ages, and their feeding requirements differ accordingly. To ensure optimal nourishment, you must match the mealworm size to the scorpion’s size and hunting capabilities.

a. Feeding Juvenile Scorpions: For young scorpions, it’s best to provide smaller mealworms. Feeding large mealworms to juvenile scorpions with weaker hunting skills can hinder their growth. To strike the right balance, offer mealworms that are approximately 1 to 1.5 centimeters in length.

b. Newly Born Scorpions: Young scorpions are born and remain on their mother’s back for a few days before venturing out. During this crucial period, they require a substantial quantity of food. This initial feeding peak demands a higher number of mealworms. Failure to provide enough food may lead to aggression among siblings.

c. Post-Maturation: As scorpions grow and mature, their feeding patterns change. Around 40 to 45 days after leaving their mother’s back, they undergo their second molt, becoming sub-adults. This marks another feeding peak. At this stage, it’s essential to offer an ample supply of mealworms to prevent cannibalism among the scorpions.

d. Adult Scorpions: Adult scorpions require consistent feeding to maintain their health and vitality. You should not only increase the quantity of mealworms but also monitor their consumption closely. Timely replenishment is crucial to prevent scorpions from running out of food.

2.The Ideal Food Source: Why Mealworms?

The Ideal Food Source: Why Mealworms?

Mealworms are the perfect choice for scorpion feeding for several reasons. These qualities make them an invaluable addition to any scorpion keeper’s toolkit:

a. Longevity: Mealworms can coexist with scorpions for an extended period, provided that the scorpion enclosure isn’t excessively damp. They are resilient and adapt well to the scorpion’s habitat. Additionally, mealworms can consume detritus and scorpion waste, helping to maintain a clean environment.

b. Freshness: To maximize mealworm effectiveness, always feed live mealworms to your scorpions. Live mealworms are more likely to trigger the scorpion’s hunting instincts, making them a more engaging food source. Moreover, live mealworms won’t contaminate the scorpion enclosure.

c. Size Matters: When feeding young scorpions, it’s crucial to use appropriately sized mealworms. Observing their feeding behavior and adjusting the mealworm size accordingly ensures that they receive adequate nutrition.

d. Timing Is Key: Scorpions are primarily nocturnal hunters. To prevent scorpions from starving during the night, ensure that there is a sufficient food supply in their enclosure.

e. Cost Efficiency: For scorpion enthusiasts who also breed mealworms, keeping both species can reduce feeding costs. This dual approach guarantees a steady supply of fresh prey for your scorpions while keeping expenses in check.


In the realm of scorpion husbandry, providing the right food source is paramount for the health and vitality of these remarkable arachnids. Mealworms, with their adaptability, longevity, and attractiveness to scorpions, emerge as the ideal choice for their dietary needs. By understanding the intricacies of feeding scorpions with mealworms, you can ensure the well-being of your scorpion colony and foster a thriving and harmonious environment. So, let your scorpions feast on the wonders of mealworms, and watch them thrive in your care.

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