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Black Solder Fly Powder

JHBIO Technology Limited Company

Black Solder Fly Powder

  • Made from larvae of black soldier flies, without chemicals or preservatives.
  • Nutty flavor, rich in protein, low in fat, and high in calcium and phosphorus.
  • Over 50% protein, with essential amino acids, calcium, and phosphorus.
  • Used in animal feed, pet food, aquaculture, fertilizer, and exploring potential uses in human food and pharmaceuticals.
black soldier flying powder

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Product parameters
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Test ltem Unit Test Result Test Methods
Crude Protein % 47 GB/T 6432-2018
Crude Fat % 18 GB/T 6433-2006
Crude Fiber % 10 GB/T6434-2006
Crude Ash % 4.5 GB/T6438-2007
Moisture mg/kg 5.2 GB/T6435-2014
PB mg/kg None GB/T13080-2018 7.1
As mg/kg None GB/T13079-2006 7
Hg mg/kg None GB/T13081-2006
CFU CFU/g 4.4X10 GB/T13093-2006
Salmonella /25g None GB/T13091-2018
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Business partners who have worked with us for many years

Over the years,we have dedicated ourselves to the development and production of more advanced insect feeds. With our progressive spirit, we have business partners all over the world

Dried mealworms shipped to Europe market

We have been working with our partners in the European market for 6 years. Exported about 70 tons of insect feeds every month.

Mealworm powder was shipping to Southeast Asia Market

On average, we export about 85 tons of insect feed to southeast asia market with our partners every months.

Provide about 260 tons of mealworms per month

170+ employees in the six breeding plants
and four processing plants are looking forward to provide you the best service

Use the advanced tunnel microwave drying machine

Automated processing equipment provides you
with insect drying, lyophilization, milling and extraction.

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JH BIO -Leading chinese multinational manufacturer and distributor offeed ingredients. Main Products:Driedmealworms,DriedBSF,Driedsuperworm.Mealwormpowder,BSFpo der,superworm powder.Mealworm defatted powder, BSFdefatted powder,Corn protein powder etc.

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