Yellow Mealworm: A High-Protein, Low-Heavy Metal Insect Food

Yellow mealworm, also known as breadworm, is an edible insect with high protein and fat content.

The life cycle of yellow mealworm consists of four stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The larval stage lasts about 120 days, and the adult stage lasts about 2-4 months. Yellow mealworm likes dark, warm and humid environments, and the suitable temperature is about 25°C. It has a varied diet and can be fed with bran, rice bran, distiller’s grains, fruit peels, vegetable leaves and other materials. The artificial breeding of yellow mealworm is simple and easy, only requiring equipment such as worm boxes, egg boxes and sieves, and regularly cleaning the worm feces and separating the worms of different ages. Yellow mealworm can not only be used as feed, but also as food. Its larvae contain 56.58% crude protein, 28.20% fat, pupae contain 57% crude protein, and adults contain 64% crude protein.

Its content is much higher than that of conventional animal foods such as eggs, beef and mutton, and it is easy to digest and absorb. It is known as the “king of protein” among insects. Yellow mealworm also contains rich essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, among which zinc and selenium are particularly prominent. Yellow mealworm also has medicinal value. Its larvae can be used as medicine, with effects such as replenishing qi and blood, stopping bleeding and dispersing stasis, reducing swelling and relieving pain. Yellow mealworm, as a new type of insect food, has been widely recognized and promoted internationally. The European Food Safety Authority ruled in January 2021 that yellow mealworm is a safe source of human food. In Asia, Africa and Latin America, yellow mealworm is also a traditional delicacy that can be fried, roasted or made into soup in various forms. The taste of yellow mealworm is similar to nuts or sesame seeds, with a crispy or soft texture. Many people have prejudices and fears about insect foods, thinking that they are dirty, disgusting or poisonous. In fact, these views have no scientific basis. On the contrary, insect foods are cleaner, safer and healthier than many common animal foods. Yellow mealworm is a good example. Its feed source and digestive ability determine that its heavy metal content is very low, much lower than fish, poultry and livestock foods. Yellow mealworm also does not transmit diseases or parasites, because they undergo strict testing and treatment during the artificial breeding process to ensure their hygiene quality. Therefore, we should break the prejudices and fears of insect foods and dare to try and accept this new type of food. Yellow mealworm, as a high-protein, low-heavy metal insect food, can not only meet the nutritional needs of humans, but also reduce the pressure and pollution on the environment. The breeding and processing of yellow mealworm is also a promising industry that can bring economic and social benefits. If you want to know more about yellow mealworm or buy yellow mealworm products, you can contact us. We are a professional yellow mealworm breeding and processing factory that uses organic carrots and wheat bran from our own farm to feed them. Our products have low heavy metal content and high protein content. We provide various forms of yellow mealworm products, including dried, fried, roasted, canned and so on, suitable for different tastes and needs. We also provide yellow mealworm feed and seed worms for those who are interested in breeding yellow mealworms. Our products undergo strict quality testing and certification to ensure safety and hygiene. The prices are reasonable and welcome to consult and order.

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